Working Vacation and a New TYPO3 Extension

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One of the great things about running a company that conducts business via the Internet is you can work anywhere that you can get an Internet connection.

This week, for three days, my wife and I stayed in a cabin on the Edisto River about 60 miles inland from Charleston, South Carolina, USA. The Edisto is the only free flowing blackwater river on the North American continent. Blackwater just means that there is a lot of tannin in the water, making it very dark brown, almost black. The only other place I’ve seen it is in swamps in North Carolina just south of Chesapeake, Virginia. It is quite beautiful.

The Edisto headwaters (actually the headwaters of the South Fork of the river) are not far from where I live and I’ve canoed it where it was much narrower. On the coastal plain, it has become a good sized, typical lazy Southern river, with cypress, Spanish moss, and gators, not to mention great fishing for everything from bass to catfish. A guy I know caught a 40 pound catfish here last August. And, while I know many people outside the South don’t think much of catfish, I think they are one of the best tasting fish around. You just need a hammer, nail, and pliers to skin them

In the off season, fishing wasn’t very good, still a bit too cold, but the cabin prices were unbelievable and we had the river to ourselves (Givhens Ferry State Park). It was very relaxing, we got to do some fishing and hiking and I actually got a lot of work done.

The phone and Internet coverage was not great, but it was good enough. My routine when traveling like this is to get up and work for a few hours, take a long lunch, work some more, go fishing a couple of hours before dusk (this time of the year fishing is best in the late afternoon), and work some more in the evening.

One thing I did work wise was work with the JobControl extension (dmmjobcontrol). This is a wonderful extension for listing job vacancies, to include searching and online applications. The options cover just about any human resources career listing requirement, from geographical location to company benefits. This one is highly recommended. I’ll write more on this extension in the future.

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