Why would you choose TYPO3 for your web site?

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TYPO3 is truly a very powerful content management framework. Though it’s not targeted at a specific content niche, TYPO3 is the one content management system that can perform as an integrated system with all of the content niche capabilities of software like Drupal, WordPress, Wiki, PostNuke, OsCommerce and many other popular open source applications.

Not to mention an awesomely active community!

Trying to justify to clients and leads on why to use TYPO3 is hard to prepare for as the following cases might demonstrate.

  • Explaining the technical aspects
  • Explaining about the community support
  • Explaining about the expansiveness of TYPO3 extensions
  • Feature-by-feature checklist
  • Emotional buy-in
  • Logical buy-in
  • Budget buy-in
  • Editor, manager, executive buy-in

No matter how you make the decision though, TYPO3 is the premier open source content management system to use. That’s why I use, train and support TYPO3 as a TYPO3 support guru.

Dmitry’s original take:

“Why should I use TYPO3 and not some other CMS?” or  “My boss wants to know why we should use TYPO3?” These questions appear in TYPO3 _mailing lists_ from time to time. It is no doubt that TYPO3 is a very powerful CMS. I would even say that it is the most powerful CMS in the world right now. But power alone is not a very big reason to use TYPO3. Even if TYPO3 is the most powerful, does it serve well? It serves many web sites on the Internet. But will it be able to serve ~your~ web site? Will it be able to server your web site ~better~ then other CMS? This is the first question you want to be answered. You would like to know if TYPO3 is the right choice specially for you and why it is the right choice specially for you.

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