Why Merge TYPO3 Vagabond and Aihrus?

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Last fall, I created TYPO3 Vagabond as an outlet for my open source TYPO3 community involvement. I’ve deeply enjoyed the newly created online and offline persona that came of it.

Recently though, I’ve been feeling myself pulled in too many directions as my interests evolve. As such, I’ve decided to return to a simpler personal and professional persona split.

In making the simplification comes the need to actually do it. Though I’m continuing with supporting TYPO3, I’m pulling back from formal TYPO3 development. Instead, I’m moving to develop free and premium WordPress and Apple Aperture plugins for client promotion and photography buffs.


I have the personal drive to help others and to travel the world while doing so.


I’m not always someplace where I can be reached in an emergency or I need to be offline for an extended period of time. Therefore, before not being reachable becomes a problem for support clients, I want to prevent it. To do so, I must change my revenue basis from service to product.

This change means that I get more time to mentor young open source developers and teams to be better people and coders. As well give myself and Peichi the opportunity to practice sustainable living throughout Asia and Europe. All the while, getting more time to photo blog, finally.

During December, Aihr.us and TYPO3 Vagabond websites will be merged and redirected as appropriate.

Please feel free to leave your questions and comments below.

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