What’s a TYPO3? – TYPO3 Content Management System (CMS)

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By Sergey Lesnikov & Michael Cannon

What’s a CMS?

CMS is short for Content Management System. This system allows non-technical users to make changes to websites with little or no training. Using a graphical user interface, authors can easily and simply create and edit pages, create and edit content, insert images and multimedia files, schedule content delivery, moderate visitor comments, and much, much more. All these traits combine to deliver a truly dynamic website. A top-quality CMS requires an experienced company to install and customize it, but daily management is geared to non-technical administrators.

Editing content in TYPO3 is as easy as editing in Microsoft Word. Menu links are automatically generated as an editor adds pages and many content elements feature wizards to further ease-of-use.

Extend and Adapt

As your business grows, you want your resources to grow with you. Recently, a retail business decided to move from phone and fax orders only to ecommerce. Their new shop was accomplished in one afternoon without having to open a single file. Even, better they were able to add a few new fields of information to their products via TYPO3s built-in extension creation tool. In this scenario, you can see how TYPO3 “grew” with this business. Since TYPO3 is open source and extremely modular, the business was able to adapt the software to fit its needs.

Large Client Base

Per typo3.com, TYPO3 has been used in over 30,000 websites around the world. Given there’s thousands of developers available through typo3.org, you’ll find plenty of resources to help you get started with the simplest brochure and most extreme, social networking websites you can imagine.

TYPO3s user base includes Philips, EDS, Volkswagen, General Electric, Stanford University, MGM, 3M, New York Times, Lufthansa, Ford, T-Online, Harvard University and Samsung.

TYPO3, One of the Fastest Growing CMSs

With nearly 10 years of TYPO3 experience, the past few years have marked a period of substantial growth for TYPO3. It is no longer just another open source CMS with little support or recognition. TYPO3 has developed into an award winning, premier European CMS that rivals commercial quality systems. More and more non-European firms are finding out, TYPO3 makes sense for their organizations for legacy, migration, niche, and social marketing website projects.

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