Michael Cannon T3CON12 Asia Command Line for Newbies presentation

My Saturday August 18th morning’s Command Line for Newbies presentation. Let’s Review the Command Line… Terminology Which Shell to Use? Get the Command Line Command Line Basics Command Line Editors Regular Expression Basics Website Permissions Slides Prelude to FLOW3 – Command Line for Newbies

My Friday August 17th morning’s PHP fundamentals presentation. Let’s Review… Simple Optimizations for PHP PHP’s Language Reference Slides Have You Thought About It? – PHP Fundamentals – Short Version

My final Saturday afternoon interview was with TYPO3 Developer Days organizers Patrick Lobacher and Sebastian Böttger. A big, special thank you to them for their efforts on making it possible for T3DD12 to be the success it is.

Saturday afternoon I interviewed Visay Keo at TYPO3 Developer Days. Join Visay and the Khmer TYPO3 Usergroup in Phnom Penh Cambodia this coming August for T3CON12 Asia, on Facebook.  

Saturday afternoon I interviewed Martin Bless at TYPO3 Developer Days. Join Martin on the TYPO3 documentation mailing lists and efforts as to transition TYPO3 manuals to reStructuredText, an easy-to-read, what-you-see-is-what-you-get plaintext markup syntax.