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Before T3CON09, I started a TYPO3 “Ultimate” Resource List with a blog post. I now have created a permanent web page for all the resources we discover. This is a work in progress and eventually it will become quite comprehensive.

One thing I am doing that most English sites don’t do is include sites in other languages. There are an amazing amount of great resources in German, for example. If you have sites to suggest, please email me. The one thing I look at besides good TYPO3 information is how up-to-date the posts are. There are many blogs I’ve found that haven’t had a new post since 2007. Those usually aren’t going to make the cut.

Here is the next installment. A couple of these were suggested by people commenting on my prior post, so thanks for those recommendations!

TYPO3Development – A blog for professional TYPO3 developers, Jochen Rau’s blog: Not a lot of posts, but those that are there are worth a look.

TYPO3forum.net – Deutsche TYPO3 Community and Forum – this looks like a great and active site, I wish I could read German better (German)

TYPO free – Fighting for TYPO3 free code, Michiel Roos’ blog: Not just about TYPO3, Michiel also posts about FLOW3, MAC info, NGINX, Debian, etc.

TYPO3 Security, by Marcus Krause, this site focuses on TYPO3 security awareness, it has a blog, a couple of tutorials and CMS comparison of security advisories (TYPO3 beats Drupal and Joomla big-time in this area).:

TYPO3weblog.de – Das Blog zu TYPO3, JavaScript und openSource, Frank Nägler’s blog. This is another one where I wish I could read German better, tons of useful posts (German)

Web Empowered Church How-to’s – a variety of tutorials on WEC and non-WEC specific TYPO3 topics.

Words of Wisdom, Benjamin Mack’s blog: This blog has lots of good TYPO3 technical tips.

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