TypoScript Popup Links

The following TypoScript works pretty well if you have dedicated print and send to friend pages. However, if you have a dynamic print or email pages, this method isn’t so great. This method assumes you’re using TemplaVoila’s alternate templates for print. Hence the &print=1. Call the following into your template via TypoScript via lib.printLinks to […]

Kudos to Jochen Weiland and Riona Kuthe of JWeiland.net for giving a very good TYPO3 best practices presentation at the 2008 Berlin TYPO3 conference. In citing the typical excuse of being busy, I didn’t look deeper into their workshop PDF until April 2009. What a newbie mistake That  best practice workshop PDF  contains lots of good advice like hosting recommendations, […]

Here’s how you can include TYPO3 content elements into a specific spot of your template via TypoScript. The tables property is the name of the TYPO3 database table being selected from. The source property is the unique ID, often called uid, of the specific records to select. It’s possible to select multiple items through a […]

It’s possible to let TypoScript to help you with enabling secure URLs when the incoming connection is requesting such. To do so, put the following code in your TypoScript template in Constants or Setup depending upon how you set config.baseURL or config.absRefPrefix in Setup. From our professional experience, we’ve found that a full URL for […]

Beware of using [device = wap] in TYPO3, it’s outdated. As such Internet Explorer 8 is detected and your mobile code is activated. Try using extension wurfl, based upon the Wireless Universal Resource File, instead as follows. While I haven’t been successful getting wurfl2 working on a PHP 4 box, wurfl does fine. Though documentation […]