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TYPO3 Training Method Effectiveness Survey Launched

I have written a number of blog postings here about TYPO3 training and what I perceive as problems associated with overcoming the TYPO3 learning curve, a factor that is often mentioned (perhaps more than any other) as a reason for not using TYPO3 by individuals, agencies and potential clients of TYPO3 agencies.

I am not going to repeat these opinions nor am I going to link to the previous blogs because all they are is opinion and educated guessing based on what I have heard and read in the TYPO3 and wider CMS / WMS world. We all know about opinions, I think.

So, I have designed a training method effectiveness survey to actually try to identify what the most effective methods of learning TYPO3 are for people involved in any way with TYPO3. While the methods you prefer may apply to learning other things, this survey asks you to focus on your experience with TYPO3.

In order to get good results, we need as many responses as possible from people at all levels of TYPO3 expertise, all ages, men and women, and as many countries as possible (with as many responses from each country as we can get). Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and ask everyone you know who is involved with TYPO3 in any way to complete it.

Click here to take the survey.

Thanks, I look forward to seeing, analyzing, and sharing the results.

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