TYPO3 Association General Assembly Notes for March 21, 2009

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Here’s a few notes from the TYPO3 Association General Assembly March 21, 2009 that I’d like to share. I’ve been told my notes are cryptic in the past, so if you’d like clarification, please leave a comment.

  • Member growth has been stagnating.
    • Concerns are that TYPO3 Association has a bit of prima donna reputation because it seems that committee actions are behind closed doors and no one but insiders knows what’s going on.
    • The cause seems to be a lack of communication from the people making decisions being quite busy trying to build up a good foundation for current and future TYPO3 editions and "being developers" that find writing hard.
    • Suggestions, ask for member volunteers to help write about TYPO3 Association happenings and share them online.
      • No need to be long, just an update or two a month, about 250 words at least.
    • Another thought is to move the TYPO3 Association presence a little to the background and put more spotlight on the members themselves.
      • Hope is to make folks more approachable.
  • Getting the word out about TYPO3 Association, see above about volunteers and writing more about TYPO3 in general and specific
  • FLOW3 is getting settled, has two books on it coming out and academics are really interested in the system for it puts the top computer science theories into practical application.
    • FLOW3 has about 20% of the code base of current TYPO3 and is already much more flexible
  • TYPO3 5.0 – With FLOW3 being stabilized, TYPO3 5 is taking shape and a demonstration and alpha release is scheduled in time for T3CON09 Frankfurt.
  • Board openings
    • 2nd Assessor – the email answering person – Jens is moving on and Peter Proll is taking his place.
      • Peter will be supplemented by Mario and myself.
      • Our goal is to establish a communications policy of reason response times and update the TYPO3.com and TYPO3.org websites with pertanient information in a more timely manner
  • TYPO3.com reorganization – New site content will be deployed by a couple of new volunteers. Should be up around September. More volunteers are welcome from the TYPO3 Association membership to speed the process up.
  • Volunteers
    • There’s really lots happening in the TYPO3 Association and fresh blood to help spread out the work load would be appreciated.
    • Some board members have expressed desire to move onto TYPO3 positions after 2 or 3 years or more of being on the board due to the level of committment required.
    • If you’ve got a gripe, don’t just say something, help resolve the issue – volunteer
  • Fundraising
    • The TYPO3 Association has a budget shortfall in trying to accomplish all that they want to do and are looking to hire a professional fundraiser.
    • The compensation options are a set rate for 6 months with migration to percentage basis.
    • This could be a person or company
    • Professional marketing plan will be provided to help determine where to put efforts and get fundraising started
  • Active Members
    • Due to semantics and position confusion, the Active Members is now called the Steering Committee..
    • Basically, all of us TYPO3 Association members are active members till we cancel our membership
    • The Steering Committee provides the leadership for the TYPO3 development community
  • A TYPO3 Core developer work committment definition
    • 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 41.66 Euros/hour, 48 weeks/year
  • Wishlist items
    • Promote sponsored projects to help get new TYPO3 created or rebuild current to fit better into today’s needs
    • Determine priority of projects so that as additional money comes in, it can be put to use quicker
      • Current priorities for TYPO3 5.0 are in the Roadmap
      • TYPO3 4.X priorities seem gray
  • Congratulations to
    • Ben Vant Ende for becoming a new steering committe member
    • Daniel Henderik for becoming the second honorary member to the TYPO3 Association steering committee
      • Kasper is the first
    • Juergen for another year of being the TYPO3 Association vice president
      • Next year, Juergen is looking to another TYPO3 position, so get active in the TYPO3 community and contribute however you can and you might be asked to join the board.
    • Ingo Renner for his efforts to get TYPO3 accepted to the Google Summer of Code.
      • Hey folks, this means that even Google thinks TYPO3 is worthy of it’s resources, so you should be paying attention.
  • Next TYPO3 Association General Assembly is in Hamburg, Germany on March 13, 2010 with a Q&A session the day before.
  • Of personal, mine that is, interest
    • Election to TYPO3 Steering Committee is decided from within that committee in hopes to prevent illicit influence from corporate or individuals wanting to take over and drastically change the TYPO3 direction
    • TYPO3 5.0 is coming along, yes many of us think that FLOW3 has been a distraction and why not to improve the 4.X line, but the vision is true to TYPO3 becoming yet another step or two beyond the current frameworks that exist. In essence FLOW3 is a generation skip and we should be appreciative that TYPO3 has leaders willing to suffer through the criticism encumbered upon them who hadn’t quite gotten the reasoning for why TYPO3 5.0. I’ve been among the critics of the TYPO3 5 delays and costs. However, in meeting with these folks personally, I’ve found passion in TYPO3 that I’ve lost with some of my disenlightenment and see that they, TYPO3 Association, are truly trying to make TYPO3 the best framework there is out there by overcomming current limitations and those we haven’t even encountered yet.
    • Personal gripe, the TYPO3 Association Steering Committee seems heavily biased to those folks living in Europe as they can attend the meetings per the bylaws.
      • Ah, this is the Internet day and age, why not have some at-large members as well.
      • Get another point of view from Asia and the America or down under

Thank you TYPO3 Association for all of your efforts. I’m looking forward to giving my continuing support.

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