In the past, I presented 10 different ways of using tt_news for various clients. That was then followed up by couple of posts covering the how-to of the first 5 and 2 more different ways of tt_news usage. news product and Archive Menu is one of the world’s top ten biopharmaceutical companies with […]

In past writings, I’ve been covering 10 ways of tt_news and 5 How-to’s on Using TYPO3′s tt_news . Today, I’ll cover the two more of 10 alternate ways of using tt_news. White Papers lead generator has really pushed what can be done with tt_news in many avenues in regards to lead generation. Whenever […]

tt_news single view PID

Per tt_news documentation, through a page’s TSConfig, you can preview news records on a front-end page with the SINGLE view news content element. If your articles preview page has page id 85, then add the following to the news storage folder TSConfig. 85 is determined by hovering your mouse over the page icon in the […]

Requirements TYPO3 website on publicly accessible URL tt_news configured with active and to be published articles Facebook account for own wall posting Facebook administrator rights for Page wall posting Basics Enable RSS feeds for tt_news plugin Configure RSS-Graffitti Facebook app to push RSS to wall posts Details In TYPO3 Add `News-feed (RSS,RDF,ATOM)` tt_news template to […]

Today and next week, we’ll cover the how to do of last week’s 10 ways of tt_news. Topical news Articles, a community for women, has lots of very topical content and for each topic, it’s best served within its own section. Additionally, as each topic has its own section, there’s also branded landing […]