cbrealurl constants

Install the Acqal’s own RealURL configuration extension called cbrealurl. It readily configures your RealURL extension to handle news, calendar and many other extensions to have nice URLs instead of parameter messes. Read the manual file for installation and configuration information. Originally posted March 11, 2009

For pre-Powermail 2.0 One of the great things about TYPO3 is that the core is relatively clean, yet the potential feature options are limitless due to extensions. One of the best extensions available is Powermail. It can handle a simple contact form to a multi-page monster form. From a TYPO3 agency perspective, it is easy […]

When dealing with enterprise and government websites with lots of backend users, backend usergroups, db and file mounts, and workspaces you’ll find that the default maximum of 10 relations quite restrictive. By adding the following PHP code to a custom extension ext_tables.php file, you can increase the workspace record relation fields maximum to an arbitrary […]

TypoScript Popup Links

The following TypoScript works pretty well if you have dedicated print and send to friend pages. However, if you have a dynamic print or email pages, this method isn’t so great. This method assumes you’re using TemplaVoila’s alternate templates for print. Hence the &print=1. Call the following into your template via TypoScript via lib.printLinks to […]