The Ultimate TYPO3 Resource List

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Or at least the start of the ultimate list

As I look over the results from our TYPO3 Training Methods Effectiveness Survey and finish up our paper for presenting at T3CON09, I see that there are a lot of methods used to learn TYPO3. Everyone has a different learning style, there is no one correct way and use of multiple methods is the norm.

Among those methods are reading or watching online resources such as blogs, wikis, tutorials and articles. Not all learning requires formal courses.

But it is not always easy to find the resources you need and they are scattered all over the web. So, we are developing what we intend to be the ultimate TYPO3 resource list and below are the first entries.

the TYPO3 blog – Daniel Pötzinger’s blog – research and development (English and German) articles about TYPO3-news, projects and tips. The focus is on TYPO3 implementers as well as people who are interested in TYPO3 in general. – the official blog resource of the TYPO3 project. Members who are active in the TYPO3 community can get a weblog here. Besides that, interested teams can use the weblogging system, too.

TYPO3-unleashed – Thomas Hempel’s blog – Blog presenting news on TYPO3 and related web topics, several tutorials and a copy of the official API.

T3 node – by Steffen Müller about TYPO3 and other web related subjects.

Mario Rimann’s Blog – “Just another blog about TYPO3, the web and other stuff”

TYPO3 Blogger – TYPO3 News, Development & Insider Info (German) – used to be Blog from Dmitry Dulepov, member of the TYPO3 core team, TYPO3 security team and the author/developer of many popular TYPO3 extensions

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