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Testimonials Widget Premium extends Testimonials Widget with caching, excerpts, more selection options, post types, shortcodes and user entry.

Contributors: comprock
Donate link: http://aihr.us/about-aihrus/donate/
Tags: client, customer, quotations, quote, quotes, random, review, quote, recommendation, reference, testimonial, testimonials, testimony, widget, wpml
Requires at least: 3.4
Tested up to: 3.6.0
Stable tag: 1.11.2
License: GPLv2 or later (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html)


Testimonials Widget Premium plugin extends the best Testimonials Widget plugin for WordPress with caching, excerpts, filters, read more links, more selection options, and advanced capabilities like selecting posts, pages and other custom post types as testimonials. Additionally, users can add testimonials via a front-end form.

The Testimonials Widget plugin allows you to display rotating content, portfolio, quotes, showcase, or other text with images on your WordPress blog.

User submitted testimonials are marked as “Pending” in WP Admin > Testimonials listing.

Author: Michael Cannon

Copyright: 2013 Aihrus


  • “Read more” link column on testimonial posts admin page
  • Alternate destinations for “Read more” links
  • Alternating .even and .odd CSS classes for styling testimonial list entries
  • Built-in update notification
  • Caching of testimonials queries and content to decrease server load time improve page loading speed by 1/10 to 1/2 a second
  • Deactivates self if no active or incorrect version of Testimonials Widget plugin
  • Default post author, category, and status options for user testimonial submissions
  • Deletes old and related testimonial cache entries automatically
  • Disable caching for widget, shortcode or theme functions
  • Email notification for user submitted testimonials
  • Excerpts for widget view, with read more link to complete testimonial
  • Filters for caching and more link control, text replacement, and more
  • Front-end entry form for user supplied testimonials. Live demo
  • Plugin version tracking to ensure compatibility
  • Premium tab on settings screen for site-wide option defaults
  • Prevent duplicate testimonials when using multiple testimonial instances
  • Read more links for testimonials exceeding the character limit
  • Select only testimonials with excerpts, images or of arbitrary maximum and minimum length
  • Select post, page and other custom post types for content rotations
  • Settings and URL based cache clearing
  • Shortcodes and theme functions for testimonials count, testimonial link list, and user testimonial submission form
  • Show excerpts with list and single views
  • Show unique testmimonials on page with multiple testimonial instances
  • Testimonial links listing with image, source, title, location, company, and URL fields
  • WPML compatible


  • Count of testimonials [testimonialswidgetpremium_count]
  • List of testimonial source and title linking to full entry [testimonialswidgetpremium_link_list]
  • Testimonials entry form [testimonialswidgetpremium_form]

Shortcode and Widget Options

  • Disable Caching? - Disables caching for this particular Testimonials Widget instance. Useful for letting Testimonials Widget list be cached and shown, while a rotation widget shows a different sequence on each page load
    • no_cache - default false; no_cache=true
  • Link Image? – If checked, wraps image in link to testimonial
    • link_image - default true; link_image=false
  • Hide Excerpt? - Show excerpts instead of testimonial content in widget views. Also, shows excerpts with testimonial content in single views.
    • hide_excerpt - default show; hide_excerpt=true
  • Hide “Read more” Links? - Show ‘Read more’ links on testimonials exceeding the character limit
    • hide_read_more - default show; hide_read_more=true
  • Force “Read more” Links?
    • force_read_more - default false; force_read_more=true
  • Add nofollow to “Read more” Links?
    • nofollow_read_more - default false; nofollow_read_more=true
  • Maximum Length - Maximum number of allowed characters in testimonial content for query selection
    • maximum_length - default none; maximum_length=500
  • Minimum Length - Minimum number of characters required in testimonial content for query selection
    • minimum_length - default none; minimum_length=250
  • Prevent Duplicates? - Prevent allowing duplicate testimonials from showing on a page. Requires caching to be enabled.
    • unique - default false; unique=true
  • Require Excerpt? - Select only testimonials with excerpts
    • require_excerpt - default none; require_excerpt=true
  • Require Image? - Select only testimonials with images
    • require_image - default none; require_image=true
  • Show “Next testimonial…” Link? - Display link to next testimonial for rotating widgets
    • next_button - default none; next_button=true
  • Alternate Testimonial Post Type? - Set this to use Posts, Posts or another custom post type for testimonials
    • post_type - default testimonials-widget; post_type=post

Form Options

  • Default Testimonial Status
    • post_status – default pending; Select blog Publish, Pending, Draft, or Private
  • Default Testimonial Author
    • post_author – default none; Select blog adminitrator or editor
  • Default Testimonial Category – Only one category is allowed
    • post_category – default none; post_category=Testimonials
  • Hide Excerpt Field?
    • hide_post_excerpt – default false; hide_post_excerpt=true
  • Hide Title Field?
    • hide_meta_title – default false; hide_meta_title=true
  • Hide Location Field?
    • hide_meta_location – default false; hide_meta_location=true
  • Hide Email Field?
    • hide_meta_email – default false; hide_meta_email=true
  • Hide Company Field?
    • hide_meta_company – default false; hide_meta_company=true
  • Hide URL Field?
    • hide_meta_url – default false; hide_meta_url=true
  • Hide “Read More Link” Field?
    • hide_meta_read_more_link – default true; hide_meta_read_more_link=false
  • Hide Tags Field?
    • hide_tags_input – default true; hide_tags_input=false
  • Hide Image Field?
    • hide_featured_image_url – default false; hide_featured_image_url=true
  • Send Mail Notification? - Send admin notice of testimonial submission
    • send_mail_notification – default true; send_mail_notification=false

Shortcode Examples

  • [testimonialswidget_widget maximum_length=100] - Display only short testimonials
  • [testimonialswidget_widget minimum_length=250] - Ignore short testimonials for display
  • [testimonialswidget_widget next_button=true keep_whitespace=true char_limit=250 min_height=200 minimum_length=100] - Widget with “Read more”, “Next testimonial…”, and minimum height and length requirements links
  • [testimonialswidget_widget next_button=true] - Display rotating testimonials widget with link to next testimonial
  • [testimonialswidget_widget post_type=post] - Display posts instead of testimonials
  • [testimonialswidget_widget require_image=true require_excerpt=true] - Display only testimonials with excerpts and featured images. Great for lead-ins
  • [testimonialswidget_widget unique=true] - Prevent showing previously selected testimonials on a page
  • [testimonialswidgetpremium_count category=product-a] - Display the number of “Product A” category testimonials
  • [testimonialswidgetpremium_form hide_meta_email=true hide_tags_input=false] – Display a testimonial input form on the front-end sans email, but enables tags entry
  • [testimonialswidgetpremium_form hide_post_excerpt=true hide_meta_title=true hide_meta_location=true hide_meta_email=true hide_meta_company=true hide_meta_url=true hide_featured_image_url=true] - Very simple testimonial submission form
  • [testimonialswidgetpremium_link_list char_limit=250] – Display a list of all testimonials with a character limit for each testimonial and with a link to access to the full testimonial’s page.

Theme Functions

  • <?php echo testimonialswidgetpremium_count( $args ); ?>
  • <?php echo testimonialswidgetpremium_form( $args ); ?>
  • <?php echo testimonialswidgetpremium_link_list( $args ); ?>


  • testimonials_widget_disable_cache - accepts boolean to use caching or not
  • testimonials_widget_premimum_html_link - Customize testimonial title link
  • testimonials_widget_premimum_link_title_text - A tag title text prepend
  • testimonials_widget_premimum_more_ellipsis - “…” replacement text
  • testimonials_widget_premimum_more_text - “Read more” replacement text
  • testimonials_widget_premimum_next_text - “Next testimonial…” replacement text


You can translate this plugin into your own language if it’s not done so already. The localization file testimonials-widget-premium.pot can be found in the languages folder of this plugin. Read FAQ 31 for more information on translating.


So that others can share in the answer, please submit your support requests through the WordPress forums for Testimonials Widget.

If you want private or priority support, please donate at least $ 65 USD to cover my time. Then send your support request.

Thank you for your understanding.


  1. The ‘Testimonials Widget‘ plugin is required to be installed and activated prior to installing and activating ‘Testimonials Widget Premium’
  2. Via WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New, Upload the testimonials-widget-premium.zip file
  3. Alternately, via FTP, upload testimonials-widget-premium directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the ‘Testimonials Widget Premium’ plugin through WordPress Admin > Plugins

Frequently Asked Questions


You can also checkout the original Testimonials Widget FAQ.


  1. Single [testimonialswidget_list] entry with and without ‘Read more’ link
  2. Widget with “Read more” and “Next testimonial…” links
  3. Widget with Premium Options
  4. [testimonialswidgetpremium_link_list] Shortcode examples, unstyled
  5. Widget with ‘sample excerpt’ and ‘Read more’ link
  6. Single view with and without excerpt
  7. require_imageminimum_length and maximum_length shortcode option examples
  8. Edit testimonial with “Excerpt” and “Read more Link” fields
  9. [testimonialswidgetpremium_count] Examples
  10. [testimonialswidget_widget unique=true] Show multiple testimonials in rotation
  11. Alternating background colors – Courtesy of placeofstillness
  12. Testimonials Widget Settings > Premium tab
  13. [testimonialswidgetpremium_form] – Add a Testimonial
  14. Testimonials Widget Settings > Entry Form tab
  15. New testimonial submission email


See Changelog

Upgrade Notice

Requires at least Testimonials Widget 2.11.2
CSS class names are simplified. For the most part, other than testimonialswidget_testimonial remove testimonialswidget_ from the CSS class name in your CSS customizations. Ex: .testimonialswidget_join becomes .join Ex: .testimonialswidget_author becomes .author Testimonials are now formatted usin
CSS class names are simplified. For the most part, other than testimonialswidget_testimonial remove testimonialswidget_ from the CSS class name in your CSS customizations. Ex: .testimonialswidget_join becomes .join Ex: .testimonialswidgetpremium_testimonials_links to .testimonialswidget_testimonia
Requires at least Testimonials Widget 2.10.0
Using posts, pages, and other custom post types for rotation and testimonials is possible now
Requires at least Testimonials Widget 2.8.0
Requires at least Testimonials Widget 2.7.15
Requires at least Testimonials Widget 2.7.3


Is there something you want done? Write it up on the support forums and then donate or write an awesome testimonial.

  • Add captcha option or Antispam Bee tie-in
  • Add option previous_button for “Previous testimonial…” link
  • CSV import
  • Dashboard content/pending statistics – ref
  • Default Testimonial Category picker
  • Form test mode
  • Form widget
  • Purchase - single or multiple site
  • Show changelog on update
  • Update to WordPress Coding standards
  • Schema.org microdata - hreview test

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