182 Cheers for Aihrus and Michael Cannon

English Next Door

I am a big fan of the Testimonials Widget plugin. It gets better with every update.

Alek Seyn

Thank you! Great support. All should be good now!




I love your plugin btw, it works great. Thank you!

Alek Seyn

Hi Michael! Thanks very much for your support!


oh sweet – yeah prefer the ‘enable q tags’ option. thanks heaps – and great plugin.


Brilliant! Thank you.

Chris Burbridge

The best out of 22 surveyed

Tam Johnston

Great widget, fantastic support – get it!

Susan Langenes



Plug’s right in


I am really enjoying this widget and its ease of use.

Helen Potter

Great plugin


Great plugin!

Shawn Hesketh

Love this plugin, except for the super-frequent updates


just what I wanted




Fantastic plugin for testimonials in widgets or otherwise


Easy to get up and going


I love this plugin!


Amazing plugin

Chad Eisenhart

Great Plugin


thanks for the great widget

Joppa Group

You’re a good man! I love your work (esp. TW) and your work ethic.


And it worked! Thanks again!


You’re the man! Thank you very, very much!


Great Plugin


Thank you so much! I must have missed that… All fixed now


Thanks buddy, appreciate getting it out there so quickly!

Sophie Cheng

Thank you very very much for making this plugin! I have been searching for this kind of plugin since years.


Simple and it useful


Thank you for the nice plugin – its exactly what we were looking for.

Nick Brubaker

Hi Michael! I am a user of your great “Testimonials Widget” plugin.  I want to tell you again how much use I have gotten from the plugin.  I display it prominently at the top of my sidebar.


Firstly, thanks for such a great plugin. I have used this on various websites and is very easy to use but very effective.


thanks the issue is fixed, your plug in really rocks, I tried the other but I had lots of trouble…


Great widget


wow, that worked a treat, amazing thanks … Thank you – you have been amazing!


I looked around for Testimonials plugins on our WordPress blog, I installed one I was not happy with first. After more searching I found features in the Premium version I absolutely needed. Look no further, the widget is great. For only 4 latte at Starbuck you can basically customize it to what you want. In addition, you get premium support if you buy the Premium version


I just had to drop in and send you yet another <3 note for the best support ever!


Thank you Mike, works perfectly!

Joe Weber

A fantastic testimonials plugin with excellent support


Michael you RULE! Thank you so much for your prompt reply.


Thank you for this great widget and continued support.


Yes! The most recent updates removed the extraneous quotation marks. Thank you so much for your help! This is a GREAT plugin; thank you for quickly responding to your users’ questions and concerns. God’s blessings to you!



I appreciate your plugin!


Gotta say, you must have some of the best support for a plugin EVER!

Joe Weber

Hi Michael, I love your rotating testimonials widget—thanks for the great work! I’ve enjoyed the plugin so much, and since I’m a graphic designer I took you up on your offer to create a banner image for the plugin page.


Hello…hey thanks for creating such a cool plugin. Looked everywhere and couldn’t find any that do all this one does!


Fantastic plug-in.

Fraser Martin

The testimonialswidget_list shortcode is a very useful way to include testimonials in pages and posts.


Thank you so much for creating this stellar plugin! It is without a doubt one of the favorite elements of my website.


Thanks! Love the plugin.


just excellent!


Thanks for making this plugin available! Very much appreciated.


I figured it out! Thnx for the answers!


You did a great job with the Testimonials Plugins — really fantastic work.

Sandra Godsell

Thanks for the tip, Michael. We’ve fixed now!

Bryan Tevreden

This is a great plugin


Great plugin

Greg Hosmer

nope…all good here man…plugin works great…nice work


Great plug in and support

Mark Gillingham

WOW! Thanks for the detective work and explanation. It makes good reading and I appreciate the effort.


I use the testimonials plug in on a couple of my sites and it is really great so keep up the awesome work.

Nick Brubaker

First off, I like your plugin and it looks great on my site.


I really love the plug in so far. Worked “out of the box”, many great features!

Angie Meeker

Hi Michael: Thanks for the update. I think you’ve probably got the best Testimonials plugin out there.


Simple and easy to use


Fantastic control over testimonials


Nice plugin. Works as described. Only complaint is that there is an update like every other day.


Works! thanks!


Thanks for the fast reply Michael! Have a great weekend.


Wow, thanks so much for that! Nice job!


effective, useful, customizable

Robin O'Connor

I just downloaded your free widget. It works great Thanks


amazing plugin works beautifully out of the box


Great plug-in


very nice plugin by the way! really fills a void for this type of plugin.

Chris Commons

We have the Testimonial Widget installed and it works awesomely. … Thanks again for a wonderful solution to our Testimonial problem on the website!


Great product and outstanding support

tommy banana

Hi FOund Testimonials really easy for setting up in Footer areas. It is brilliant.


Hi Michael, Thanks so much for your quick reply. Such a delight (and a surprise) to get not only prompt, but helpful service from a plugin developer. … Thanks, Sandra


This is a brilliant plugin!


I did it..WOHOOOOOOOO.thanks for your immediate response.




Woohoo! Thanks Michael, you’re a boss!


Thanks again, I’m going to buy you a beer.


You rock!


Thanks for the awesome plugin.

Mike J

There are lots of topics on pagination, but it all seems pretty hacky. This plugin works beautifully- the fading transition between testimonials is ideal, and I always appreciate a plugin that builds on the WordPress framework rather than hacks around it. But I do really need a simple previous/next navigation option on the ‘Testimonials Widget’. Is there a clear-cut solution? Thanks in advance, and otherwise really great plugin!


Awesome Plugin!

Susanne Goldstein

You are such a terrific help, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.




The new addition to the widget is perfect! Thanks!


Just discovered this widget and love it! Using it for one of my sites – will probably change my site in a different language to use it as well!

Jonathan Lundström

Thanks for the response, that’s a nice plugin you’ve coded. Great to see that the two plugins work together nicely!

Chris Griffin

It’s been pretty smooth so far and easy to use and I greatly appreciate how responsive you are – even without me asking for assistance!

Diana Ratliff

Installed the testimonials widget yesterday, worked fine. LOVE IT!

Thanks for the work you’ve done on the testimonials widget…

Henk Valk

Nice job, very quick response and fixed very fast! 6 stars As you see the image is back!! Thnx

Tora Cullip

I looked at lots of testimonial plugins before I settled on this one. Being a “non-techy” person, I liked how easy it was to implement and use. I had one minor glitch with the plugin and put in a request for help. I must admit I wasn’t sure if I’d get a response. But Michael was onto it with the speed of light! He got in touch within a matter of hours, worked out the problem and updated the entire plugin. I was delighted and impressed to get such great service. I will definitely look out for other services and products from Michael!


u fast thx

Henk Valk

It’s a nice plugin and is very simple to use.


Great plugin

Adam Rubinstein

Very easy to use, moderately easy to style


Great job

Tora Cullip

Awesome! That worked, thanks so much :-))



Great work, thanks a lot.

Stefan Rehders

Thank you for your answers and for your work!

Adam Rubinstein

Oh, you’re so awesome!


Thanks for a great plugin!! Much appreciated!


I’m working with testimonials widget and everything is going great


Again, thanks for all your help.  We are very pleased with the way the website looks.

This widget is awesome!  I’m using it on three sites since finding it two days ago.


Useful, simple and works on 3.4.2


Sorry I’m getting back to you late on this. Got the premium plugin uploaded and the latest version of TW installed and everything is working swimmingly. Thanks again!


Thanks Michael! Great plugin by the way. If only all of the plugin developers responded as quickly as you do. Keep up the good work!


Awesome!! Easy to use and FREE


I am enjoying your plugin. I am pretty new to wp so it has given me a lot to learn.


Easy to use, great support


Best quote rotation plugin available


Hey Michael, Wonderful! Thanks for the great support, especially on a free plugin. Very much appreciated. Thanks again!


I love this tool!


Thanks Michael! I will take your advice about the html/text-widget. And my compliments for developing this great testimonial widget.

Sergey Lesnikov

Hello dear Michael, thanks for your recommendation. You’re very interested and sociable person. My recommendation for you

Ilia Dragan

He is a high level professional, very communicable with perfect technical skills


This very comprehensive plugin works good in single wp install , thanks, great job!


LOVE the plugin


I did an update ot the testimonial widget. Fantastic jobs!


Thank you so much for making such a great plugin and thank you for your time.


Thanks for your quick support for testimonial widget and continued development. brian7997 out

Barry Buchanan

That was quick dude. great work. Can’t wait to see where it will go. The Hispanic Ministry folks will be thrilled.

Ty Nichols

Michael, This (donation) is for the utterly fantastic work on the Worpdress Testimonial Widgets plugin. I use it on the vast majority of my client sites and that’s all more the reason to help support you in continuing to improve and offer great support for the plugin. Keep up the superb work and thanks again!

i’ve used your WordPress Plugin to import about 100 TT_News records from a Typo 4.3.2 installation. Worked like a charm, thanks a lot for the tool.

PennCore Media

Yes, sorry forgot to try this out, just did now, works perfect!

yes all good thanks, your plug in is working well


I’ve just started using this plugin, and so far it is truly excellent. Thank you!


Thank you for your work on this plugin!


upgraded to 2.0.4. – works perfectly, thank you!!


First and foremost, excellent plugin. I hope you continue to support this as there are a ton of old and outdated testimonial/random text/quote/review WP plugins in the repository. This is one of the best if not the best one available.


0.2.14 now working perfectly on all post types. Thank you very much!


Really? That’s great Thank you for the fast response. I will look out for the update and report back. (In response to a bugfix within 2 hours)

After installing typo3-importer, I pressed the button: and it just worked;) Even all the authors were importehttps://aihr.us/files/about-aihrus/d. after a few weeks i had to refresh the news and it just worked again. excellent software, which saved me so much time and anger. thanx;)

Aleweb Social Marketing

Thanks, Michael! I appreciate the great support! The fix works like a charm.

Aleweb Social Marketing

I’ve tried other testimonial widgets, and like yours the best


You, sir, are both a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you. It works perfectly.

wow … stellar! I’m following you and your work. way-da-go! Service is KING! u wear a crown!

I love this plugin!

Eric Blomberg

Ok….i got to know….I see your posts all the time….how the heck are you able to travel around the world and just have fun all the time? How do I sign up?


thank you very much for your fast help! That was easy, and I could‘ven’t have figured it out myself Have a great day!

Wonderful plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/testimonials-widget/) – really nice work!


Thanks for replying, so often these support forums go ignored. very appreciative!

Dominik Stankowski

just read your blog yesterday well done!

yours is the most functional testimonials plugin out there

Hi Michael, just a short one: Thanks again for having you on board! I really liked a lot working with you, I had much fun and the Videos are great. And hey: lucky you got even mentioned on typo3.org!

Michael, thanks so much for the extra work you did to get the (TYPO3 Importer) extension/plugin working. You literally saved me hours and hours of work. Great Support!!!

Great thanks, I have upgraded the plug-in and tried it, works great.

Andrea Bagwell

Perfect !!! You are the BOMB! Cheers! A-

great work so far!

It was a real pleasure to meet you and to work with you, and a very productive training session. I really hope we can stay in touch and I am looking forward to working with you on future projects. with best regards


Latest version (Flickr Shortcode Importer) is one of the best plugins that exists for WordPress. Practically unlimited amount of free images for your posts if you don’t mind crediting authors.

Thanks, it’s been great working with you, too. You really seem to understand our goals and are great about explaining things really clearly and dividing up big tasks into manageable sizes.

Željko Aščić

Hello again Michael. This plugin is amazing with the current version, I can’t imagine it, how cool will it be when you finish the all options. I can’t imagine how did I inserted images manually before :). What a time waste. I added ten posts and all are perfectly imported.

Thanks Michael

Mark Gillingham

Excellent! I was surprised that I could find nothing on the topic. Now, thank to you, the solution is available.

Teresa Kay

Michael, I met with Andrea today and she explained to me what your suggestions were and how they looked. I am so pleased. Thank you for all your hard work, your input, and your great ideas. Everyone I have spoken with about the new additions to the Servant Module on the website are so pleased and impressed. Thank you, too, for all the hard work in getting the application back in order!!!!!

Catherine Upton

Thank you for making this tight launch- your team has been great, and accessible through this whole process. We are grateful to you all for your assistance over this last month, and look forward to continuing into 2010.

Just a genuine thank you for the CBREALURL extension. I never get my realurl to work well without it; it is one of the best Typo3 extensions that I know.

Thanks again for excellent support.

Roland Coleman

Michael, Thank you for all you’ve done so far and for your generosity! Being self-employed I try to do the same with all my customers too, but can’t remember the last time I was on the receiving end! But, even without a break, I was already very impressed with your professionalism and personalized care, and I have already recommended you to others.

Steven Yaskin

Overall, I was very pleased with your commitment and experience and effectiveness. Excellent work!

Chris Grenz

As a large volunteer organization we needed a firm with knowledge, experience, professionalism, and flexibility. Michael shined in every area that matters and delivered a site that will serve our needs well into the future.

Eric Blom

Thank you for your excellent work on the redesign of PSoCDeveloper. I’m very happy with the new site as are my users. I have received many positive comments from users though the forums, in emails, and face to face. I would not hesitate to work with each of you in the future.

John McCarthy

Aviation International News publishes mailed, on-site and online publications. When it came time to redesign our online magazine we selected TYPO3 as our CMS, not only for it’s robustness but also because it is open source. Michael not only knows TYPO3, but has been extremely responsive as we relaunched AINonline.com.

Karen Richard Photography

I needed to change my photography site quickly to add an important new feature for my business and Michael Cannon was there to help. The transition was smooth. My customers are happy, and so am I. I recommend Michael very highly.

Michael provided a super-responsive transition of our primary web portal from an antiquated CMS into a well structured and functional TYPO3 installation. I’m incredibly pleased with his professionalism and friendly support. I’d recommend him highly to anyone looking for a dependable development partner.

David Cosio

I have been a client of Michael’s for several years. He has always offered very clear and abundant technical support and was often willing to go out of his way to accommodate my schedule. His technical expertise and customer service abilities have paired well, and offered me a great experience with him.

Ron M. Weber

I work with Michael on the implementation of web projects for mutual clients. He is not only expedient but also extremely accurate in his execution. I value his technical expertise and abilities highly and I wholeheartedly endorse Michael, as well as the team he runs.

Reuven Cohen

Michael is an energetic as well as enthusiastic content management professional. Michael is extremely comfortable in a variety of business settings, a consummate technology virtuoso.

Jonathan Lord

I first encountered Michael when I was looking for some assistance with the Mojavi Model-View-Controller framework for PHP application developement. We corresponded several times and I was so impressed that I asked him to come in a consulting capacity to conduct a “boot camp” on the framework with a prototype application I was attempting. Following the “boot camp” experience, when I needed to hire a full time developer, I called Michael to see if he was interested. He multitasks with ease has a thriving consulting practice and is the person that I call first when I have a *nix, Macintosh, or another really hard question.