T3CON11 Frankfurt: Saturday Sessions

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Saturday closes on the sad note of another TYPO3 conference in Europe has ended.

However, I’m looking forward to all the follow-on events taking place between now and T3CON12. There’s Developer Days, SNOW3, T3SAIL, BugDays, T3BOARD12, TYPO3Camp München, TYPO3 Italia and many other events with TYPO3′s community growing to attend.

The TYPO3v5 Phoenix review from Sebastian and Rens demonstrated how last years concepts by Jens has become reality. The results are similar to, yet seem better than conceived. There’s still a lot of work to do to make TYPO3v5 Phoenix usable for production. Therefore, check out my Your First TYPO3 Phoenix Setup article to check what’s been finished and see how you can give back to the TYPO3 community.

From the Doctrine 2 session about Object-Relational Mapping, it finally dawned on me that, not many ORM systems can readily handle JOINs efficiently. As your data sets get larger, save yourself headaches by programmatically doing JOINs. Save the ORM for data retrieval than data processing.

I’d stuck my head in the sand over ExtBase and Fluid when they’d come out. My mindset being that they’re intermediary systems until TYPO3v5 arrives. On ExtBase, my opinion hasn’t changed. In regards to Fluid, I should have paid more attention a couple of years back when Fluid become a TypoScript object.

Use Fluid for TYPO3 Templates

Through the TypoScript FLUIDTEMPLATE object, your designer’s HTML templates has the power of Fluid’s ViewHelpers. You’ve now eliminated the need for programming many simple design constraints. Check out The FLUIDTEMPLATE cObject, Configure the Fluid TypoScript and create Backend-Templates and Reason #9 for Choosing TYPO3: Fluid for Page Templates for more information.

Lastly, kudos to Dominik and Violeng for teaching me the Fibonacci (0, 0.5, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, …) point assignment for tasks in regards to project estimations. I’ve used labels like trivial, easy, medium, hard and difficult with hours assigned to them. However, the Fibonacci way combined with velocity in estimation is a much more pragmatic and reliable solution.

This tip alone made the conference ticket price worthwhile. It readily represents 2-3 months savings of trying to figure out something better.

If I missed saying hi to you during the conference, I’m sorry, drop me a line below to see when we can get together later on.

And remember devs…

It’s not finished till it’s done, documented and tested

p.s.: My Biceps talk with Tina went well. Video’s eventually up at .

What’s your impressions of the TYPO3 conference?

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