T3CON11 Frankfurt: Friday Sessions

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It’s great being back at the TYPO3 conference in Frankfurt-Hanau Germany. This is my 7th year to attend the event and, the happiest.

I had thought that last year was my last due to becoming burned out from working as an executive in the software world. I’m proud to say, it’s not my last attendance. In fact…

I’m Energized Again

The key-note had Robert Lemke speak on the state of FLOW3. Of which, come October 20, we’ll be seeing the lonely 1.0 version. I’m glad to see it finally happen. I’m wanting to start projects using all the best of breed paradigms incorporated in this new web application platform. Even though it means having to experiment and learn a good bit in order to become productive with. In the long run, all the effort will pay dividends many-fold.

Instead of TYPO3 continuing as a content management framework, with TYPO3 5.0, it’ll become a FLOW3 package.

Many, many kudos to Robert and the FLOW3/TYPO3 Phoenix team for having vision and fortitude to hold up these past five years of questions about what the future brings.

Ladies, gentleman and coders; our future is here

A key statement I like taking away from the key-note is, “A leading CMS does not follow trends, it creates them.” How true.

Through out the day, I was able to attend sessions about accessibility for visually impaired users, introduction to FLOW3 1.0, interrelated Code Metrics and Continuous Inspection, and a really cool multi-data source capable extension readily handling list, filter, search, detail, export, and paging features called pt_extlist.

In case, I haven’t said hi to you yet, be sure to stop me to chat.

What’s your impressions of the TYPO3 conference?

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