See more photos of in2code and I at T3CON11 Frankfurt.

Tina Gasteiger and I spoke on Biceps, an extBase based qualification requirements management application Saturday morning at the TYPO3 Conference in Congress Park Hanau close to Frankfurt. Our video is up and ready for your viewing pleasure. Thank you to our audience members for coming and discussing Biceps afterward. Download and watch Biceps – An Extbase Enterprise […]

Saturday closes on the sad note of another TYPO3 conference in Europe has ended. However, I’m looking forward to all the follow-on events taking place between now and T3CON12. There’s Developer Days, SNOW3, T3SAIL, BugDays, T3BOARD12, TYPO3Camp München, TYPO3 Italia and many other events with TYPO3′s community growing to attend. The TYPO3v5 Phoenix review from […]

It’s great being back at the TYPO3 conference in Frankfurt-Hanau Germany. This is my 7th year to attend the event and, the happiest. I had thought that last year was my last due to becoming burned out from working as an executive in the software world. I’m proud to say, it’s not my last attendance. In […]

Tina Gasteiger and I are speaking on an extBase based enterprise application called Biceps 9 AM Saturday at the TYPO3 Conference in Congress Park Hanau close to Frankfurt. We’d be very happy to see you in our audience as we discuss this safety management application used through-out Germany and “soon, the world” by Bilfinger Berger Industrial […]