T3BOARD12 Laax – Time Hack

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06:00 wake up
07:05 out the door
07:15 walk past bus stop for second time
07:17 bus comes
08:12 still waiting for train
08:32 on delayed train
09:53 wave good bye to wife as I wonder how she didn’t get caught onboard handing me water as the train departs Innsbruck
11:54 get asked for passport by Swiss customs
12:30 late in Sargons, wonder where next train is
12:32 watch what I think is my train pull out
12:34 my late train pulls in
12:54 arrive in Chur
12:55 catch bus 155, lane 13 to Laax
12:56 start chatting with TYPO3 guys from UK
13:30 thinking there’s lots of snow around
13:44 arrive in Laax
13:45 there’s lots of snow around
14:15 wander around looking for luggage drop off
14:30 wander around looking for food under 10€
14:45 wonder how people can afford 900€ ski jackets
15:05 stop wandering and get on tram to Laax Crap Sogn GioN mountain hostel
15:15 trams moves
15:20 awestruck by the beauty
15:21 wander what trail to hit first tomorrow
15:40 decide to be vegetarian this week when asked about meal preferences
15:45 pick bottom bunk by door
16:00 meet and greet
16:20 sit in cold, windy spot for bread, cheese and tuna in oil feasting
17:22 post T3BOARD12 photos
17:23 Say I love you Peichi!

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