T3BOARD12 has come to a close, but the memories as they say, will live on. It was a wonderful, but long week at Crap Sogn Gion of coding, snowboarding and socializing. I’m very happy to be home again, but am already looking forward to Peichi and I going next year.

On top Crap Sogn Goin Not a toilet Views of far Ice underneath Snow covers Blue cold skies Red hot blood Swish Swoosh Scree Schee Clump to pain Up again On top – February 27, 2012 – Snowboarding Laax

06:00 wake up 07:05 out the door 07:15 walk past bus stop for second time 07:17 bus comes 08:12 still waiting for train 08:32 on delayed train 09:53 wave good bye to wife as I wonder how she didn’t get caught onboard handing me water as the train departs Innsbruck 11:54 get asked for passport […]

I enjoyed a week of snowboarding Crap Sogn Gion at T3BOARD09 with about 150 fellow TYPO3 and snow enthusiasts. We were at about 2,200 meters with plenty of snow, storms and slopes. When not on the slopes, plenty of laptops, beer, dice, videos and cameras were out in force during the evenings. I even wrote […]