Sunday at T3BOARD09 in Laax, Switzerland

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It’s 9:44 PM here at Laax and the TYPO3 geeks are still going strong. Plenty of laptops, beer, dice, videos and cameras are out in force this evening.


  • Kaspers’s keynote video was amazing ala Mission Impossible.
  • Last night after the TYPO3 Association General Assembly in Zurich, Kasper and crew put together an afterparty podcast. Yes, I’m the Loose Cannon.
  • Thanks to Ingo Renner for getting TYPO3 accepted to Google Summer of Code.
  • 130 donors came together with nearly 6,000 Euros to purchase Kasper some serious top of the line snowboarding equipment. The excess funds by community decision were then donated to Kasper as thanks for the past 12 years of his TYPO3 vision, leadership and development.
  • The weather up here is great and I survived getting down the hill twice on my snowboard with not too many crashes.
  • T3BOARD09 wiki

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