Still Busy, 2 Major Projects Launching, Loads of Podcasts

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Life is still pretty busy these days for me. In fact, I’ve pushed back for the 3rd time heading to Boston for gettng Peichi’s and my marriage paperwork authenticated for us to be registered in Taiwan. I’m aiming to get a resident visa instead of a work or other so that I can attend school and own a business in Taiwan.

Next week, Cannonbose will be launching two new sites. One is based upon an aviation related publication. Another is a TYPO3 extension using model-view-controller programming techniques as an emergency document management system. Once they launch, I’ll share the URLs.

While working, I like some form of background noise to help me “zone out” so that I concentrate more on productive work. The “controlled’ background noise helps provide a barrier between me and noise that is external to my office.

My background noise of choice is podcasts. I listen to a lot of them. About 40 at last count that cross a wide range of topics such as world news, entertainment, science, culture, and even TYPO3.

I recommend giving some of these podcasts a t

  • Air Force Radio News
  • Coverville
  • Learn Chinese by
  • NPR 10AM Eastern Morning News
  • NPR Fresh Air
  • Sales Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Getting the Deal Done
  • The Signal (Firefly fan)
  • TYPO3 Podcast

My greatest source for podcasts is NPR with it’s very wide range of reporters and programs. The podcasts that I listen to are even free to subscribe to.

Attached is an OPML export from iTunes. You can download it and add the podcasts I listen to directly to your iTunes and delete the podcast subscriptions that you don’t like.

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