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WordPress Plugins

  • Flickr Shortcode Importer
    • Imports [flickr], [flickrset], [flickr-gallery] shortcode and Flickr-sourced A/IMG tagged media into the Media Library. Furthermore, it transforms the post content [flickr] shortcodes into links containing the Media Library based image of the proper size and alignment.
  • Testimonials Widget
    • Testimonials Widget plugin allows you to display random or rotating portfolio, quotes, reviews, showcases, or text with images on your WordPress blog. You can insert Testimonials Widget content via shortcode, theme functions, or widgets with category and tag selections and having multiple display options such as random or specific ordering.
  • Testimonials Widget Premium
    • Testimonials Widget Premium plugin extends the best Testimonials Widget plugin for WordPress with caching, excerpts, filters, read more links, more selection options, and advanced capabilities like selecting posts, pages and other custom post types as testimonials. Additionally, users can add testimonials via a front-end form.
  • TYPO3 Importer
    • TYPO3 Importer brings your TYPO3 news, related media and comments into WordPress with minimal fuss. You can be as selective or open as you’d like for selecting which tt_news records to grab. Import can be interrupted and restarted later on.