It never fails, software fails So true and when it does, often times I get an email that lacks enough information to resolve the problem the first time around. Today, my inbox brought me this great article, How to write a great bug report by Scott Berkun of Jetpack for WordPress fame. Normally on these articles that I […]


Guest post by Virgil Huston from December 13, 2008. I have always been fascinated and puzzled by the continuing debate over which is better to use, open source or proprietary software. First, there is terrible and great software in both categories, so for this article I am discussing good software. With that assumption in mind, […]

Release 1.4.1 of the WordPress Flickr Shortcode Importer plugin represents a more tested and minor-issues resolved production release. This is the version to readily and easily import [[flickr]] & [[flickrset]] shortcode and Flickr-sourced A/IMG tagged media into your Media Library. A Warning, do read the rest below, this import takes time, especially if there’s other […]

with peichi up north, me down south and no riding in sight until my hip gets better; I’m principally walking around aimlessly, eating lots of fruit and working WordPress plugins. This past week has been quite busy with the release of the TYPO3 Importer for TYPO3 to WordPress migrations. More interestingly though, is this latest […]

2 days of crazy coding gets me a piece of software that does in a couple of minutes what would take a couple of hours doing by hand. Converting [[flickr]] tags by importing the photos and replacing them with proper a and img tags is what this magically insane Flickr Shortcode Importer WordPress plugin does. […]