cbrealurl constants

Install the Acqal’s own RealURL configuration extension called cbrealurl. It readily configures your RealURL extension to handle news, calendar and many other extensions to have nice URLs instead of parameter messes. Read the manual file for installation and configuration information. Originally posted March 11, 2009

Building and maintaining a website these days can be tough business. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, many of the issues faced for having a successful website are the same. With solid preparation, like these top 10 proven website essentials, getting started and staying online is made easier. The 10 website essentials have below […]

Originally written by Marlies Cohen for Cannonbose. Photos that come straight off a digital camera are way too big for the Internet in terms of actual dimensions and file size and therefore have to be resampled. For example, a 1MB image can be reduced to 50K, which will load much faster, especially for people with […]

Acqal is pleased to announce the version 1.0.0 release of aqnewsmeta. This extension updates the TYPO3 newsSubheader register with a truncated, HTML-free version of the news bodytext if no article teaser is available. This is helpful for SEO purposes where each news entry should have a META description, but doesn’t. The extension includes options to adjust […]