Push TYPO3 tt_news to Facebook Wall Posts

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  • TYPO3 website on publicly accessible URL
  • tt_news configured with active and to be published articles
  • Facebook account for own wall posting
  • Facebook administrator rights for Page wall posting


  • Enable RSS feeds for tt_news plugin
  • Configure RSS-Graffitti Facebook app to push RSS to wall posts


  1. In TYPO3
    1. Add `News-feed (RSS,RDF,ATOM)` tt_news template to TYPO3 template record
    2. Test the RSS result by appending `?type=100` to website URL; e.g. http://example.com/?type=100
    3. By default, newer TYPO3 installations and tt_news are UTF-8 enabled. If your RSS has encoding issues, adjust the XML output via your TYPO3 template configuration panel with something like the code snippet below.
xmlnews.config {
	metaCharset = iso-8859-1
	htmlTag_langKey = de
	language = de
	locale_all = de_DE
  1. On Facebook
    1. Log into Facebook with the user that can admin the targeted wall to post to.
    2. Visit the RSS Graffiti page on Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/rssgraffiti/.
    3. Optional, configure RSS Graffiti’s Application Settings for your Twitter and Bit.ly accounts.
    4. Select the Profile, Page or Application to post RSS to.
    5. Allow RSS Graffiti to post to that location.
    6. Click `+Add feed` to pull from the TYPO3 RSS feed.
    7. Add in RSS feed details.
      1. Feed URL, e.g. http://example.com/?type=100
      2. Source Name, e.g. Live from Example
      3. Source URL, e.g., http://example.com
    8. Preview entries RSS feed entries with `Click here to generate a preview` above the RSS feed details.
    9. Additional configuration options
      1. Filter > Eligibility Age; if you often rewrite posts after publishing them, you set a post age limit before they’ll go onto your wall.
      2. Schedule; Adjust Update frequency and Posts per cycle to not overload your wall viewers with new posts. Give time for your posts to be consumed and generate buzz before distracting readers.
    10. Click Save, at top right, and wait an hour before RSS Graffiti starts posting to your wall.


  • Articles published before RSS Graffiti was setup, will NOT be posted to the wall.

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