Project Requirements Elicitation

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A happy, repeat business client.


Client gives I don’t know answers

When meeting with a client to begin getting information for a project you might want to attend to a root canal instead. However, for practicality and earning business leading to profits, you can’t do this.

To help getting onto the right track for the project at hand, get contact and appointment information immediately when first talking with business contacts and every time a new contact is made. Possibly identify roles that will be used and the communication structure.

Your skills are a calling card, use them to create open ended questions help drag answers out of ‘I don’t know’ responses. In the beginning of a meeting, expect some setbacks while you determine how to ask the right questions leading to unlocking the answers your searching for.

As your meeting progresses your continue developing your thinking to prep the client for the software development process of analysis, design, coding, testing, delivery, and maintenance. Make a full attempt to educate them that successful projects that spend more time in the phases before coding actually successfully complete on budget and schedule, versus jumping into the code.

In closing, realize that the ability to work into an organization by figuring out where to fit is better than asking them where you fit. Businesses have their own speed and track, you’ve got to catch on at their speed. In doing this, you show your client that you are dedicated to this project and their company.


A happy client is one that gets what they want. The challenge is to get them to state what it is.

10/22/2001 – Originally posted

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