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“>tt_news single view PID

Per tt_news documentation, through a page’s TSConfig, you can preview news records on a front-end page with the SINGLE view news content element.

If your articles preview page has page id 85, then add the following to the news storage folder TSConfig.

tx_ttnews.singlePid = 85

85 is determined by hovering your mouse over the page icon in the page tree and reading what number it says on via the title pop-up as id=85.

If you haven’t already saved your news item before pressing the "Save document and view page" icon, the article won’t show up on the front-end. This is because the tt_news record on the backend doesn’t know its own id. Just click the "Save document and view page" icon again.

Don’t use the preview URL as the final URL for putting into other content. The preview URL is raw and hasn’t been processed by a link handler like Typolink, RealURL, Cooluri or Simulate static.

That’s it, a very neat, quick and valuable trick. You could even send this link to your editor for article proof-reading when not using TYPO3 Workspaces.

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