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Open source vs proprietary Part 4

A few things happened and/or occurred to me this week to make me think about what my company does and how we interact and deal with other companies working in our same general space. This came about from some Twitter and Facebook exchanges. On Twitter, I tried to explain why I thought TYPO3 was the […]

Wappalyzer in action

I’m getting ready to present at the 2011 TYPO3 conference in Frankfurt Hanau, to keep things going smooth, here’s a November 23, 2009 guest post from Virgil. Sometimes coming up with a blog post topic is hard, so this week, some odds and ends that are of interest and some things that keep rolling around in my […]

As I have mentioned before, I believe that the biggest barrier to the adoption of TYPO3 is the perception that it is too difficult to learn. Many of the frustrations one sees expressed are from people who have given up because of the steep learning curve. There are a number of facets to this argument. […]

The second thing that angered me last week was on the topic of open source myths. It began when I received my copy of the May, 2009, issue of Website Magazine. This is the ONLY free industry publication that I actually read and I thought it was a pretty good until this week. What did […]

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