Moving forward during rough times

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Even with the economy being in the tank, sluggish, pathetic, not quite right or whatever you want to call it; it is what it is. Your response to the economy and how you handle though, is all you.

For Acqal, we’ve been moving out of direct TYPO3 development since that market has been softening and digging deeper into TYPO3 tutorials, TYPO3 templates and TYPO3 support in general. Of note, our TYPO3 security abilities has been generating much interest in response to last week’s TYPO3 Security Bulletin.

Around these offerings we’ve been trying very hard to ensure that each client engagement entails a short-term revenue gain and long-term revenue recurrence.

It doesn’t always happen, but by making sure that new clients and old know that we have multiple offerings and by striving to find a best fit support agreement for them, ensures that we’re slowly building up our bottom line even while the economy continues to be soft.

Tech Tuesday

Have you been checking out Acqal’s Tech Tuesday blog entries?

If so, great! What can we do better?

If not, please let us know why not.

In any case, we’ve got about 10 ideas left and are looking for more. Please let us know you idea for us to write upon. This is an excellent opportunity for you to possibly have one of your support hassles or wish list items knocked out for free.

Alternately, leave a comment below for others to respond to as well.

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