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There was / is an interesting discussion on the LinkedIn TYPO3 Users Group called “Do you blog about TYPO3?”

Some of the responses I was aware of, others were new. They are worth putting on the “Ultimate TYPO3 Reource List,” plus I added a few more.

David Smeringe’s blog – Programming and web design centric weblog with a lot on TYPO3.

mediaVROG Blog – Maik Vlcek’s blog, XHTML/CSS, Javascript/Ajax mit mootools, Barrierearmut, Typo3 (German)

Nikolay Orlenko’s blog – TYPO3, Drupal and other CMS in Ukraine. (Russian)

Scenic Living – From the Netherlands, blogging about typo3, html/css, useful tips and more

SeeThrough Web Blog – Simon Browning’s blog. Tutorials, tips, snippets and observations about TYPO3, Magento, and our web work in general. – TYPO3 video tutorials and extension module demonstrations.

Typebased – Pavel Antonov’s blog (mostly in Russian)

TYPO3 Addict – Maarten Mandemaker’s blog. Tips and tricks for developing websites with TYPO3. Here you’ll find TypoScript snippets, TSConfig and configuration options for your own TYPO3 website.

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