Microsoft is Coming To Town

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By St. Nicholas Petreley
To the tune of Santa Claus is Coming To Town

You better watch out
You better not cry,
“I don’t know where all my licenses lie!”
Microsoft is coming to town

You paid for it list,
You paid for it twice;
You paid even more for legal advice.
Microsoft is coming to town

They know when you run Windows
They know when you use Word
They treat a loyal customer
Like a lying, thieving turd.

With auditing threats
In letters that come
Their lawyers will have you reaching for Tums
Microsoft is coming to town

Bill’s desperate now
There’s no time to play
He’s casting dot-Net to drag in your pay
Microsoft is coming to town

They offer a solution
When you are left in tears
Just sign here on the bottom line
And subscribe for fifty years!

Oh, you should have watched out
Gave Linux a try
Now licensing six is bleeding you dry
Microsoft is coming to town
Microsoft is coming to town!


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