Michael Cannon, President, is the June Seacoast Ventures Entrepreneur Watch Spotlight

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Cannonbose President Michael Cannon. Photo by Amy Root-Donle

From Katrina to Portsmouth: Web site developer talks sailing and sci-fi

Who: Michael Cannon
What: Cannonbose LLC
Where: Portsmouth
Phone: (603) 559-9773
Web: www.cannonbose.comMichael Cannon, the founder and president of Cannonbose LLC, has quite a story to tell. Actually, there are multiple stories of love, international travel, business savvy and natural disaster. In fact, he’s located in Portsmouth because he and his wife, Pei-Chei, were uprooted in 2005 when they woke up to Hurricane Katrina and departed their Metairie, La., home.

The Washington State native and Air Force veteran revived his former Web site content management system company when Cannon and his wife landed in the Seacoast. He spoke recently to Ventures about talking “biotech,” a dream of sailing around the world and the business importance of reading science fiction.

What are your strengths as an entrepreneur?

Cannon: In short, I can walk and talk biztech. I’m academically educated and real-world experienced in both business and technology with theory and application. Though I enjoy telling a good story or two; I can listen and engage people to sort through their needs, wants, and nice-to-haves. This is a critical skill when dealing with software where a project deliverable may not be the proverbial duck, though it’s written and sounds as such.

To stay current, I voraciously read and try out business and technology happenings five days a week. On the weekends, I try to keep work to a minimum so I’m fresh for the next week. Lastly, I don’t really believe anything is impossible, just resource intensive.

What exactly does Cannonbose do?

Cannonbose provides the knowledge and skills to deliver high-end, self-managing Web site content management systems. Our Web site CMS lets businesses through a single administrative interface manage multiple users, access levels, and Web sites. Additionally, the CMS interacts with a multitude of advertising management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, search engine optimization, and other systems.

How many employees or contractors do you have?

Cannonbose is a virtually based company, with myself as the principal. Depending upon project loads, Cannonbose keeps three to five freelancers and companies busy every month.

Who are your clients and where are they located?

Cannonbose clients varies from small and local to enterprise and worldwide. Portsmouth’s own Seacoast Chinese; Westboro’s Brainstorm Group; New Jersey publisher Aviation International News; Pennsylvania green utilities Community Energy; Louisiana publisher Renaissance Publishing; Fresno, Texas’s Stonebriar Community Church; Chicago-based reading education The Great Books Foundation; and internationals like The Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association and Topcon Positioning Systems.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

Sailing the world and providing community services along the way. My exit strategy from Cannonbose is geared towards letting me do this in five years or so. At that time, I’d like to return to school to become an acute-care or family-nurse practitioner, acquire a few years of experience, and then load up the family on a 35- to 40-foot sailboat. For the next few years, we’d literally travel down one coast and up the next to explore the world, share with people, and do all there is to experience.

If you were starting a book club, what’s the first book you’d discuss and why?

“Venus on the Half-Shell and Others” by Philip Jose Farmer. I read daily about the latest happenings, but come the weekend, that’s the time for my true reading passion, science fiction. It seems that the stereotype for entrepreneurs is that we have three to four business books by our bed and read of them every night to determine how to best make the next dollar. Personally though, they really put me to sleep when reading outside of business hours. Now science fiction reading, on the other hand, is what can keep me up at night imagining things old, new, and just different. Sci-fi is what I find helps keep my creative juices flowing best. So when the business hours roll around and ideas are needed, I’ve got some.

Article reprinted from Seacoast Ventures, by Michael Mccord.

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