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This was a really busy week with a number of client projects moving into high gear and wrapping up a couple of others. So, I didn’t get around to writing the next installment of my open source series. I will get to that, I promise. But, this week, I need to relax on a Friday […]

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I’m getting ready to present at the 2011 TYPO3 conference in Frankfurt Hanau, to keep things going smooth, here’s a November 23, 2009 guest post from Virgil. Sometimes coming up with a blog post topic is hard, so this week, some odds and ends that are of interest and some things that keep rolling around in my […]

We do a number of political campaign sites every election cycle and have done so for years, from Congressional down to local races in a variety of states. I’ve learned a thing or two about effective campaign sites over the years. There are a few characteristics that distinguish a campaign website from most other sites: […]

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The recent release of FLOW3 1.0.0 alpha 1 has caused quite a buzz in the TYPO3 community and should also be creating a similar buzz in the PHP development community as a whole. There is also some confusion in the TYPO3 world regarding FLOW3 and the upcoming release of TYPO3 version 5.0 versus the current […]

The second thing that angered me last week was on the topic of open source myths. It began when I received my copy of the May, 2009, issue of Website Magazine. This is the ONLY free industry publication that I actually read and I thought it was a pretty good until this week. What did […]