Baoling - light at the end of the tunnel

I’m a busy guy, living in a busy society and like you, constantly distracted by activities that want more of us than what we’ve got to give. A major goal of my moving to Taiwan was to focus on family life and find myself. For the most part, it’s worked. I’d like to recap Zenhabits […]

A few things happened and/or occurred to me this week to make me think about what my company does and how we interact and deal with other companies working in our same general space. This came about from some Twitter and Facebook exchanges. On Twitter, I tried to explain why I thought TYPO3 was the […]

First posted on March 10, 2009 But, Still Very Applicable to Now in Choosing a Website Foundation I’m currently looking for a new apartment in the south Taipei suburbs. It’s gotten to the point that the current place is too small, too noisy, not enough value for the money spent and frankly not what’s desired […]

With moving back to Asia, Taiwan this time, I’m reminded that doing business here is a bit different than in the United States.


Guest post by Virgil Huston from December 13, 2008. I have always been fascinated and puzzled by the continuing debate over which is better to use, open source or proprietary software. First, there is terrible and great software in both categories, so for this article I am discussing good software. With that assumption in mind, […]