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I’m a busy guy, living in a busy society and like you, constantly distracted by activities that want more of us than what we’ve got to give. A major goal of my moving to Taiwan was to focus on family life and find myself. For the most part, it’s worked. I’d like to recap Zenhabits […]

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Last fall, I created TYPO3 Vagabond as an outlet for my open source TYPO3 community involvement. I’ve deeply enjoyed the newly created online and offline persona that came of it. Recently though, I’ve been feeling myself pulled in too many directions as my interests evolve. As such, I’ve decided to return to a simpler personal and professional […]

My travels have taken me back to New Delhi for a week of visiting friends and the awesome Drupal development company Srijan. I had left this past December depressed, frankly for not knowing myself well enough. Now, I’m back and feeling alive again, with purpose and direction. So after tasty curries, freshly charred roti, raising […]

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It’s inevitable, work and family schedules conflict. When it happens, we’re frequently battling with ourselves which way to lean. Who can take the disappointment or the delay? Though many of us say, it’s no contest, family first. The reality is very much otherwise, myself included. There’s simply only 24 hours in a day and you […]