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Like all things in the Information Age, keeping up with TYPO3 is a double edged sword. There is tons of information available, but the problem is keeping up with all. This is a good problem to have, so I am not complaining, but I am struggling to find a solution on:

How best to make sure you find all the relevant information

This is perhaps the easiest part, especially now that Twitter has arrived on the scene. Twitter allows one to find new sources of information, articles, blogs, new and updated extensions, as well as helping with meeting new people. You can set up groups of people you follow, search for specific terms, and follow TYPO3 aggregation services. Other social networking avenues are also helpful, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Even Google searches for TYPO3 and specific TYPO3 topics turn up new information. Just for starters, check out:

How to filter out the stuff you don’t want or need or that is redundant or not valuable

This may be the most difficult thing to do and the thing I haven’t figured out how to do efficiently. I follow so many people on Twitter that there is no way I can read or even scan all the Tweets that come in, and I don’t even follow that many people. So, the best I can do is use search phrases in Tweetdeck, but I still miss a lot. Same situation with Facebook. Using an RSS reader to keep up with blogs can be pretty time consuming, as well.

How to manage what you do want to read

Once you have identified what is important, time management kicks in. If you don’t properly manage your time, you could literally waste hours in a day. I try and set aside a certain time every day to scan the new material and read what is relevant to my needs and interests. I try and share the ones that I find I really liked using Twitter, which also updates my Facebook page.

TYPO3 Training Survey Closes on the 15th

In order to properly prepare for our presentation at T3CON09, the TYPO3 Training Survey will close down on July 15th. So, if you haven’t taken it, time is rapidly running out. Please take 10-minutes to complete the survey.

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