Keeping Busy in 2009

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Wow! This holiday season has indeed been quite busy. In the past couple of weeks we’ve been releasing several projects and starting up a few more. Here’s a quick recap.

On the forefront of Acqal for 2009, we’ll be launching a 3-month marketing campaign geared specifically to TYPO3 website support agreements.

We’ve got a great start on our blog with both informative and technical postings 3-times a week by three writers; myself Michael Cannon, Virgil Huston, and Nicole Johnson.

If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a Tech Tuesday category that’s coming out every Tuesday and is geared towards tips and tricks initially which are TYPO3 orientated. If you’re worried were going to run out of Tech Tuesday entries, don’t be, we’ve got nearly 3-months backlog of them.

Behind the scenes at Acqal, we’re working on new security audit and performance tuning checkpoint documents. Additionally, we’ve been working hard on creating a comprehensive, easy to deploy and configure baseline TYPO3 installation.

So please stay tuned for what’s happening at Acqal in 2009.

If there’s something you want to see discussed or have a guest posting, leave a comment.

Happy New Year!

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