It All Started With Tandy

Since Michael’s first TRS-80 MC-10 microcomputer, he’s been a “human computer virus”. His first software program really did output “hello world”, but was soon followed up with coding a word processor to send his grandmother a letter on thermal paper. These days, *nix based server administration reigns supreme when he’s in a bash shell to keep databases querying, httpd serving and smtp flowing.

Given a table like tx_example_domain_model_resourcelocalized, some localization entries are duplicated for whatever reason. An easy way to clean them out is using SQL as shown below. Our magic to this SQL starts with the JOIN command. In particular, INNER JOIN helps us insist upon a one-to-one relation between database table records. Next, we use WHERE […]

building blocks

Thank you Abdullah for doing better than I with these 10 tips for better coding. Writing code can sometimes be the most difficult part of any software development process. If you don’t organize everything from the start – especially for big projects — the coding processes and code management afterwards may end up not just time […]

All of us web workers should take a look at these Google coding guidelines. I thought I was up to date on best practices, but it seems I’ve got a lot to learn again. Did you know that with HTML5… head tag isn’t required optional tag closings are optional again and therefore recommended to be […]

While not as tasty as breaking apart one of Peichi’s baguettes, once in a while, you actually want to disable browser cache functionality. In a recent project, the TYPO3 performance optimizations went very well, dropping page load times by over 50%. However, since Apache’s mod_expires and mod_headers adjustments were made at top the top level of the website […]

When shifting through WordPress themes utilizing a variety image sizes, your wp-content/uploads or wp-content/blog.dir directories can get full of abandoned images. An easy way to get rid of those abandoned images is to delete them and then regenerate those that you actually need. SHOW all resized images DELETE all resized images After deleting the resized […]