My final Saturday afternoon interview was with TYPO3 Developer Days organizers Patrick Lobacher and Sebastian Böttger. A big, special thank you to them for their efforts on making it possible for T3DD12 to be the success it is.

Saturday afternoon I interviewed Visay Keo at TYPO3 Developer Days. Join Visay and the Khmer TYPO3 Usergroup in Phnom Penh Cambodia this coming August for T3CON12 Asia, on Facebook.  

Saturday afternoon I interviewed Martin Bless at TYPO3 Developer Days. Join Martin on the TYPO3 documentation mailing lists and efforts as to transition TYPO3 manuals to reStructuredText, an easy-to-read, what-you-see-is-what-you-get plaintext markup syntax.

Saturday morning I jointly interviewed Melanie Meyer and Peter Wimmer at TYPO3 Developer Days. These guys are making things happen in their local TYPO3 community.

Saturday morning I interviewed André Wuttig at TYPO3 Developer Days. André’s a bit new to the TYPO3 community, but is already enjoying all that it has to offer and looking forward to contributing.