Interesting TYPO3 Extension Updates and Web Usability

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TYPO3 through quite powerful as it stands now, is constantly under further development by many individuals and organizations. Within any given week, there’s easily over a dozen bug fixes, core enhancements, and new or updated extensions of note.

Today, I’d like to share some just released extensions of the past week.

  • Troubletickets – Manage troubletickets, tasks or todo-lists or use this extension as a bugtracker, helpdesk or project management tool.
  • NR Easy Workspace – Makes the use of workspace easier for editors and reviewers. Instead of showing all changes, such as each content element or record, it reduces the workspace view to only the pages which changed somehow.
  • Image RealURL (everyone should be using this) – This extension generates an easily human readable and search engine friendly url and an alternative text for each image that is generated through TypoScript objects and most TYPO3 content elments.
  • lilURL – A URL shortener extension. No need for TinyURL or with this tool.

Beyond these handy extensions, there’s been some good awareness and comments made about TYPO3 in the social media setting. Of particular note, Greg Remington of Mediatech wrote the article TYPO3 and Social Media Marketing.

Before closing, I’d like to say I agree with Maarten about Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. It’s an excellent book in regards to web usability.

Finally, don’t forget about the upcoming TYPO3 conference in Frankfurt. If you deal with TYPO3 or want to get into it, you’ve got to attend if at all possible.

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