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I’m not sure how this dropped through the cracks, but I had a wonderful time snowboarding, feasting and cranking out FLOW3 during in2code’s SNOW3 2012 weekend.

What else is there to say? Oh, I know, the post recovery drink needs to be available in Taiwan. More photos on Facebook.

Did you know that Christmas parties in Bavaria are very different from those in the United States? Really, it’s true! Instead of discussing the differences, let’s jump right to my lessons learned, also known as… How to Enjoy a Bavarian Christmas Party Don’t wear dress shoes, wear hiking boots Don’t wear nice dress clothes, wear trekking Don’t […]

Thank you guys! Besides the awesome people and family friendly, encouraging culture at in2code, with my new standing desk today, I get a parking spot. Now, I wonder if we can get some Team in2code jerseys for when Martin and I are cycling around Bavaria.

in2code Rocks!