in2christmas AKA How to Enjoy a Bavarian Christmas Party

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Did you know that Christmas parties in Bavaria are very different from those in the United States? Really, it’s true!

Instead of discussing the differences, let’s jump right to my lessons learned, also known as…

How to Enjoy a Bavarian Christmas Party

  • Don’t wear dress shoes, wear hiking boots
  • Don’t wear nice dress clothes, wear trekking
  • Don’t bring a light sweater, bring a puffy jacket, mittens and thick hat
  • Don’t leave the dog at home, bring them along
  • Don’t use restaurant valet, park in the far lot
  • Don’t exercise that day, hike 45-minutes uphill to earn your meal
  • Don’t count on eating right away, arrive light-headed
  • Do count on drinking, outdoors with the snowman
  • Do go inside, drink some more
  • Do not look for the buffet, learn a foreign language and then order
  • Don’t look for green vegetables, meat and potatoes are good for everybody
  • Don’t leave food on the plate, the dog gets upset
  • Don’t frown, laugh and smile grandly instead
  • Don’t whisper, your boisterous neighbors want to listen
  • Don’t have a bad time, you’ll not enjoy walking downhill back to the car, late at night, in dress shoes, without a thick jacket, on a snow and ice-covered road, for 45 minutes
  • Don’t miss the last round, now use valet for a ride downhill
Thanks again in2code for making my stay in Rosenheim such a wonderful experience.

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