I’m Going! First TYPO3 Conference in Asia

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I’m very proud of the TYPO3 community in Cambodia, they’ve stepped up and are holding the first TYPO3 conference in Asia, August 17-19. Specifically, Phnom Penh.

I’ve been to a few spots in South East Asia before, but this will be my first time in Cambodia. I’m very excited to be going and would love to see other non-Asian resident attendees. Besides trying to speak for a presentation or two for myself and in2code; I’m looking forward to participating in the developer knowledge transfer, August 20-22.

My Flights Booked, August 15-27 🙂

For other European based folks, Thai Airways has a great promotion price of about 800€. However, there’s not many spots left. Alternately, go for a layover in Doha with Qatar Airways and then transfer to Phnom Penh through Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur via AirAsia. These flights are booked separately, but comparably priced.

More at news.typo3.org: First TYPO3 Conference in Asia.

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