Grow Business by Building Partnerships

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Though Acqal was founded during a downward economy and weakening market, It grew. Albeit slow growth, but it’s positively got better every month.

The biggest way it grew, was by letting each person at Acqal do what they did best and to do what they were interested in. Furthermore, if there was a skill set missing for a particular project, we’d call upon family, friends, peers and yes, outsourcers to fill that need.

As time goes by, certain people are called upon more than others and their skill set became ever more useful to become an Acqal offering.

Through Acqal’s growth, it wouldn’t be as successful as it became if it wasn’t for willingness to look beyond ourselves and into the vast talent pool that exists via the Internet.

In our search for quick help and longer term partnerships we came up with some tips to make the relationships a bit stronger.

  • Perform due diligence
    • Ask for and check on references
    • Perform code checks
    • Have a real conversation or two about why the provider does what they do – In only for the money folks aren’t usually good choices.
  • Dictate a communications policy
    • During a project, communicate at least every 2-business days
    • Provide a consistent mechanism for communication like a support system – We use TargetProcess and communicate through that
    • Failure to communicate leads to lost jobs for all
  • Before work begins, analyze the problem together and compare solution ideas
    • Agree to and understand the solution beforehand
    • Any deviations should be discussed before being done
  • Ask if they’re obligated elsewhere and what their schedule for the next month is
    • I love travel and adventure, but not a worker leaving for Africa for two-weeks in 3-days on a hot project isn’t a good thing
  • Agree to payment terms and stick to them
    • Flat rate
    • Hourly
    • Mix
    • Deposits

Please add your thoughts on partnering and your business below.

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First Posted on: March 16, 2009 – Revised.

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