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Come the end of Friday, I really couldn’t take looking at a computer anymore. Sadly, with today’s work style for me, the computer is a central part of keeping in touch with clients and marketing. It’s up in the morning and start the computer till turning it off before bed.

Normally, I’m pretty good about taking a few hours during the late afternoon or early evening to spend with my wife, studying Chinese or working out. However, with working on Piscatiqua, formalizing a hosting partnership, writing to be released articles, debugging convoluted websites, researching marketing, holding company meetings, and whatever comes through on a daily basis; my personal free time disappeared the past couple of weeks.

Come Friday evening when Peichi started making dinner, I decided I needed to escape away from the computer and go do something different and something that I like to do.

My goal was simple, avoid the computer for 24 hours, visit another city, meet new people, eat good food, read some literature and if I get lucky, write some new poems and thoughts down.

Soo… I packed my bag, grabbed some cash and went for a walk, then caught a bus and headed out of town to Taoyuan. I really enjoy getting off a bus someplace I haven’t been before and sticking my nose into the nooks and crannies that exist. It’s amazing what you can find when you’re open to anything.

For me, after about 15 minutes of wandering around and spotting some possible cheap hotel stays for under $ 20 USD a night, I headed to the train station to see about heading to another city Saturday. On the way though, I got stopped by a taxi guy and despite saying "no thanks", we got into a conversation where I ended up at Rodeo’s.

Rodeo’s apparantly is the top Westerner bar in Taoyuan. 99% of the time, I avoid foreigner spots, but for this trip, as I wanted to do something different, I didn’t. I went and even more surprising to myself I accomplished basically all of my trip goals in one place, plus two more.

  1. Live music by DNA. The female singers voice was a bit too rubusque for a few songs. However, you can’t beat folks that are enjoying themselves and bringing others along for the ride.
  2. A&W root beer. In the 6 months I’ve been in Taiwan, I havent’ drinken any of this liquid gold. I think this alone made my trip to something different was worth while.

Needless to say, over the next 24 hours, I had fun getting away from the computer and dropping back into the real world. It was an adventure much needed to bring my interest in work back arou

A Couple of Poems and a Thought

Why to go

Staying hurts.
Walking away hurt.
Neither is good,
but something must be done.
The longer the wait,
the more the pain.
To escape and take in anew,
is what must be done.
Soon we join again,
no more pain.

The merest glance

the merest glance
Hair, straight, black
Eyes hidden by glasses so big
Take a second look
By then she was gone

As fate would deem
Another chance came
Too much bling
too much attitude
not enough substance
Glad no wish was made

Supposedly she can sing
with rebusque voice
She belts the words
overpowering the highs
Too bad
she’s easy on the eyes

Humor through Taiwan’s President Ma and a company

Mr. Power or Ma Power, who do you believe in?

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