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When I first started with TYPO3 back in early 2002 for the news portal, sadly shut down due to Hurricane Katrina, TYPO3 really did take quite a bit of work to make things happen.

Then… 6 months for

The BIZ New Orleans project took about 6 months with a project manager, client representative, 2 developers, and a graphics designer. The time taken was due to the lack of readily available documentation and resources. Additionally, the TYPO3 core and its 75 extensions had flexibility issues which lead to software rewrites.

In the end though, the BIZ New Orleans system readily let many reporters post news straight to the BIZ New Orleans website during an event and immediately after an interview. Furthermore, with news being broken into multiple categories with lists, archives, and search; targeted advertising was readily applied. On top of this, the newsletter system was setup such that the newsletter was automatically created everyday and an administrator only had to hit the “send” button to push it to 6,000 plus recipients.

Now… A month, with even more features

To build a similar system these days doesn’t require 6 months anymore. Actually, with a competent TYPO3 developer or two and a clean code writing designer, a similar website is live within a month.

What’s made the time and resource difference? Community exposure, documentation, enterprise awareness, experience, mailing lists, time, and training.

TYPO3 has several thousands of pages of published and online documentation such as the TYPO3 Books, TYPO3 wiki, extension repostitory, and T3N Magazine.

Taking a cue from the TYPO3 Document Library, here’s some links to help get you moving forward a bit faster with TYPO3.

TYPO3 Professionals Reading List

Reading and knowing doesn’t replace hard earned experience. So when the time comes you need additional help, we at Aihrus are ready to assist you via our website support agreement. The website support agreement makes us your on-call TYPO3 support agency with 1-business day responses.

Contact Aihrus for Support

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