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TYPO3 is the leading free and open source enterprise class content management framework. Michael has been developing for and supporting TYPO3 since 2003 on hundreds of media and publication systems. When it comes to clients with high-end requirements, TYPO3 has no comparison.

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Last fall, I created TYPO3 Vagabond as an outlet for my open source TYPO3 community involvement. I’ve deeply enjoyed the newly created online and offline persona that came of it. Recently though, I’ve been feeling myself pulled in too many directions as my interests evolve. As such, I’ve decided to return to a simpler personal and professional […]

For pre-Powermail 2.0 One of the great things about TYPO3 is that the core is relatively clean, yet the potential feature options are limitless due to extensions. One of the best extensions available is Powermail. It can handle a simple contact form to a multi-page monster form. From a TYPO3 agency perspective, it is easy […]

Yet Another Reason to Migrate to TYPO3 with the Right Agency Last week, I wrote about a company that had had a custom CMS built for them. The design was very nice, but it was an essentially unusable site. They had wasted their money on a web site they couldn’t easily update and maintain. A […]

TYPO3 versus other CMS platforms is a constant discussion. This week, in Twitter discussions, the question was again asked: “Why is TYPO3 the CMS of choice in Europe and Drupal more popular in the US (for open source solutions – I have previously covered why no company ever should waste their money on a propritary […]

When dealing with enterprise and government websites with lots of backend users, backend usergroups, db and file mounts, and workspaces you’ll find that the default maximum of 10 relations quite restrictive. By adding the following PHP code to a custom extension ext_tables.php file, you can increase the workspace record relation fields maximum to an arbitrary […]