From Taipei to Zurich with TYPO3

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I’m pretty high right now. Plus, I’m tired, cramped, sore and wondering about freedom that will come in 3 hours when the cabin doors open again.

Ah, the pleasures of traveling on a modern airplane. All the conveniences of home, just in sizes not quite big enough to make you feel comfortable.

I’m enroute to Zurich, Switzerland from Taiwan, for the TYPO3 Association General Assembly to meet with fellow movers and shakers of the TYPO3 community. I’ve attended all of the TYPO3 conferences in Germany to date, but this will my first time to attend the TYPO3 leadership sessions. It’s during these sessions that the future of TYPO3 is determined and I’m going to be a part of it.

TYPO3′s technical infrastructure, in case you don’t know it already, is undergoing radical rewriting and namedTYPO3 5.0. Already, out of this has come a new programming framework called FLOW3. FLOW3 is chalk full of design patterns and programming methodologies that’ll keep any serious computer scientist drooling at the mouth for weeks.

However, despite this technical wonderfulness, if there’s no one around keeping the ultimate end users in mind, namely clients and their website visitors, all the totally awesome geekdom in the world isn’t going to make TYPO3 a continuing top choice in the open source enterprise content management system world.

Hence, why I’m going to the TYPO3 Association meeting. I want to gain a better understanding of the direction that TYPO3 will going in the next few years and to ensure that TYPO3 is keeping real people in mind while doing so.

Despite the changes and even knowing that some client website conversions will be tough, I continue believing strongly in TYPO3s future and the people behind it.

If you’ve got any questions or comments you’d like me to bring up over the next couple days of meeting, plesae please leave on this blog page. It”s your opportunity to be heard.

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