Focus, the Hard Part

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From July 9, 2008 5:40 AM, the Cannonbose days.

Running your own business is work.

Sometimes, getting started might have been a fluke. However, after a while, you want more out of your business. In wanting more comes a need to grow and be even more focused, organized, and successful.

Now this is where the real work comes.

The first few years of Cannonbose was freelance based with short and medium length project terms. In recent years, Cannonbose has run as a real company with people having assigned responsibilities, schedules to meet consistently, new technologies and techniques to learn, greater overhead, larger projects, and increased team size.

In getting back to being focused, you need to focus on something that your company is good at and figure out how to repeat it into profitable value.

Whatever you’re doing now has some form of repetitive parts that could be documented, decision matrixed, taught to workers, and marketed to clients. By teaching others how to do this “focused core competency” you are much closer to offering profitable value offerings.

From here, by getting your focus figured out to the nuts and bolts stage and being able to get others to do it for you leaves you in a place to move to the next focus.

Finding focus and accomplishing a business goal comes down to the following.

  1. Pick a goal
  2. Break the goal into parts and sub-parts
  3. Experiment and practice with the parts to find the ideal process
  4. Document the parts and sub-parts processes
  5. Teach the processes to your staff
  6. Do the processes
  7. Interview team for process suggestions
  8. Revise processes and update documentation
  9. Repeat doing, reviewing, and revising till comfortably best
  10. Obtain the goal
  11. Pick a new goal and repeat the previous steps

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