Patrick Lobacher just announced on the TYPO3 Usergroup München mailing list that Munich’s First FLOW3 User Group is happening November 8, 2011 at 7 PM. You can find the MFUG at Kurt Mahler Hall, Cultural Center Giesinger station, Giesinger Station 1, 81539 Munich. Visit MFUG – Munich FLOW User Group or read the original [TYPO3-UG […]

Struggle no longer getting TYPO3v5 Phoenix running on your development server. If you follow these guidelines, within 10-minutes you’ll be playing with Phoenix. Via phpMyAdmin or command line, create the phoenix database and user Create a virtual host configuration entry for your web server Be sure to append Web to your normal DocumentRoot and Directory paths like /Users/michael/Sites/phoenix/Web […]

It’s great being back at the TYPO3 conference in Frankfurt-Hanau Germany. This is my 7th year to attend the event and, the happiest. I had thought that last year was my last due to becoming burned out from working as an executive in the software world. I’m proud to say, it’s not my last attendance. In […]

Before T3CON09, I started a TYPO3 “Ultimate” Resource List with a blog post. I now have created a permanent web page for all the resources we discover. This is a work in progress and eventually it will become quite comprehensive. One thing I am doing that most English sites don’t do is include sites in […]


We’re one major step closer to TYPO3 5.0 now. Robert Lemke has just announced on the TYPO3-announce mailing list that FLOW3 1.0.0 Alpha 3 is released. As a bonus, there’s a well documented getting started guide available as well. Please read Robert’s message below for more details. – Dear TYPO3 community, The FLOW3 Core Team […]